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I will continue working towards honing my craft of body flight and Fly all disciplines while continuing to learn to fly wings of all types. 


-Represent USA in Open Artistic at World Cup in Bahrain 2018

-Red Bull sponsored all female event; 26-way Vertical Sequential World Record 2018 *Red Bull Fly Girls*

-  4000+ jumps as of May 2018

-  31-way Women’s Head up World Record 2017

-  3 page featured Female Instructor in iFLY international quarterly e-magazine 2017

-  65-way Women's Head Down World Record Arizona 2016

-  Featured as a Yoga Revolutionary 2016 via

-  31-way unofficial Head Down night jump World Record SDC 2016

-  23-way unofficial Head Down night Sequential Record SDC 2016

-  Wisconsin State Vertical Record 14-way June 2016

-  164-way Vertical World Record  SDC 2015  


-  iFLY Level 3 Instructor at iFLY Phoenix

-  AFF Instructor rating as of May 2015 with Ben Lowe

-  Certified Vinyasa Flow Yoga instructor April 2014; yogini since 1998

-  C-License and Coach Rating as of January 2013

-  Skydiving AFF course completion 2008; A license

-  Trained Capoeira for 1 year; Green and Yellow combo belt 2008

-  Hawaii Real Estate License since 2007

-  Graduate from University of Hawaii at Manoa 2000; BA Degree in Health Science with an emphasis in performing arts

-  Short Board Surfer and body surfer since 1996

-  Trained Gracie Jiu Jitsu for 2 years with Relson Gracie; Blue Belt two stripe 1997-99 - Blue Belt Gold Medal 99’


CURRENT SPONSORS -  Infinity Rigs, Boogieman suits, NZ Aerosports, Jet Set Magazine


  2015 to present- iFLY Instructor at iFLY Phoenix

  2011-2016    Skydiving Videographer at Skydive Chicago & Hawaii

                        Responsible for enhancing and capturing the guests experience from the ground into the sky. 

  2007-2011 Marketing and Sales Executive at Marriott’s Vacation Club International


-  Travel all over the world Skydiving, tunnel flying and spreading joy.

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