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In Amy Chmelecki's 23 yearlong skydiving career she has won 7 national titles, 4 world titles and broken 17 world records.  She is the first and only female member of the Red Bull Air Force. Her favorite thing to do in the sport is to stay on top of its evolution.  She lives to travel and fly.


Career Highlights


17,000 Plus Jumps

4000 Hours of Tunnel

AFF, Tandem and Pro Rated



  • 3 X National VFS Champion with Arizona Arsenal

  • 2 X National Freestyle Champion with Resident Eloy

  • 2 X World Cup VFS Champion with Arizona Arsenal


World Records

  • Amy has been on every single Vertical World Record (Largest Formation) skydive since day one.

  • She is part of the selection team for the Vertical World Records.

  • She leads the team for the Head Up World Records, Vertical World Records (Female) and Head Up World Records (Female).

  • She has broken 17 records in her career.

  • She currently holds a world record in Vertical Formation (Largest Formation) general and female, Head Up Formation (Largest Formation) general and female


Commercials / Movies Stunts

  • Kia Car - Commercial

  • Verizon Wireless - Commercial

  • San Andreas – Movie

  • The Mummy 2017 – Movie


Special Projects


Manhattan Wing Suit Project

Flew a Wing Suit formation down the Manhattan skyline at sunrise.  Her team comprised of Red Bull Air Force members buzzed the One World Trade Center on its opening day.  The finished the stunt by landing in a small barge in the Hudson River.


Valentine’s Days Project in Croatia

Chmelecki teamed up with the Red Bull Skydiving Team (Red Bull Austria Boys) to fly over a beautiful heart shaped Island in Croatia.  They flew a wing suit formation across the island.  The smoke trail off Chmelecki’s foot created an illusion of an arrow piercing the heart.


Demonstration Jumps

Chmelecki has been involved in dozens of high profile demonstration jumps.  She has landed in several cities including San Francisco, Miami, Dubai, Phoenix, Tucson, New York City, Chicago and Boston.

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