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Hello, my name is Chris Patz. I can remember thinking at an early age that if I started skydiving I would probably quit what I was doing and skydive for a living. Well, that's exactly what happened. While in The United States Marine Corps I went through their static line Airborne course. The day I graduated from the course I scheduled my AFF for the next day in Arizona. I have been hooked ever since. 


I am a fulltime skydiving and tunnel coach and am a member of the Horizon coaching team that holds freefly camps on The West Coast.I love seeing the "aha" moment in my students and my goal is for them to experience the same feelings of freedom I get from flying.


I have over 2,500 skydives and hundreds of hours in the tunnel. I participated in the 200 way head down world record attempts, and the was on the head up world record. 


I very much look forward to continuing to progress my knowledge in relation to canopy piloting, and bodyflight

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