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My name is Jesse Jaber and I'm an airbender. In April of 2014 I started skydiving and literally fell head over heels in love with the sport. Once receiving my skydiving license, I knew being in the air was the life for me and nothing else would satisfy so I decided to quit my job as a metro transit bus driver, move across the country, and pursue my new found love of body flight. That path landed me a dream job in Chicago as a flight instructor at iFLY where I have taken every opportunity possible to thrive within this sport. My favorite type of flying is dynamic, flow has always been my main focus in life which is why I believe I've been so drawn to it. I have 800+ skydives, 1000+ tunnel flying hours, nine IBA indoor skydiving competition medals, silver medal in Artistic Freefly at US Nationals 2018, and a heart for body flight that's even bigger than when I started. Come fly with me!

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