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I was born in Venezuela and moved to the United States in 2002. After getting a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology I moved to Austin, TX where I started a career as a tunnel instructor for iFly. In 2016, I got a taste for competitions and won Gold in Freestyle open in iFly Woodlands and Bronze in iFly Rosemont. My focus then shifted towards teaching as I moved up the instructor ranks within iFly. I recently earned my Trainer level 3 rating and trained 2 groups of instructors. I have also traveled to Hungary to conduct two camps on 2017 and 2018 and to China to work on the Royal Caribbean Cruise line wind tunnels. I have amounted over 1600 hours in the wind and 80 skydives in the four years I’ve been in the sport.




Teamed up with Chris Andrade for 2-way Dynamic, I am aiming to compete in every US competition to earn the right to go to the World Cup in 2019. I am also competing in China in Freestyle Open representing iFly. Chris and I have trained all year under the tutelage of Ben Roane and have shaved off around 7 seconds per round from our previous competition in Virginia Beach. With the help of Boogieman Suits and The Ranch Pro Shop we will be equipped with speed suits that compliment our skills and will propel us to gold while looking the part. In exchange we will proudly show off where we got our gear through social media and tell anyone with interest in a flight suit where to get measured and geared up.

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