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Adult Sizes


Kid Sizes


The Skin is a unisex model, with a very tight fit. Its basic cut shapes and moulds all body curves and allows a hyper comfortable flight, without vibrations, and free from all constraints.


The Skin is a durable model that will forgive your little mistakes. You will also love it in the tunnel as in the sky. Like many customers, ask us to add a hood to your Skin’s order : +$50 (separated or directly stitched on collar). Picture below.

Unisex model Available sizes :

Kids : 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 Years          Adults : XS / S / S-TALL / M / M-TALL / L / L-TALL / XL / XXL    (See chart below)

Get ready for an epic fitting !!
The Skin is a tight very moulding suit ! putting the suit on
and off will for sure be a long and laborious step ! We recommend to undress your Skin inside out.. especially when pulling off hands and feet. On your first trial, the collar could feel a bit too tight. you should get used to it after a few flight sessions. What are the tall versions ??
Only the torso height, arms and legs have been slightly extended. measurements on width and circumferences
remain the sames.


To be noted :
The Skin is not fitted with an inside pocket. The “sock leg” at the lower leg could stop at the ankle level (1)… but it is better to finish by wrapping the heel(2) Picture below.

Color Options


Lime Green


- Fully in “4 way stretch” fabric
- Zipper “windstopper”
- High quality embroidered “boogie man”logos
- No “boogie man” logo embroideries on kid sizes
- Wind-tunnel collar in stretch fabric soft and tight

Composition : 75% Nylon / 25% Spandex
- First machine wash cold / 0°c
- Next washes 30°c max/ 85°f max
- Normal cycle / no softener
- Do not bleach
- No tumble dry
- Do not iron
If possible, get the suit out of the machine as soon as the
washing cycle is complete.

3.SKIN Specific Size Chart.png
2.SKIN Size Chart.png
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